THE REGIONAL PEACE and Order Council (RPOC-7) commended Bohol Governor Edgar M. Chatto

Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC-7), through Chairman and Cebu Governor Hilario Davide, Jr., commends Bohol Governor Edgar M. Chatto for his exemplary leadership in leading civilians and military alike in preventing the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) from creating lawlessness and havoc in the peaceful island province of Bohol. Gov. Chatto and Provincial Administrator Alfonso Damalerio, also the Provincial Peace and Security Cluster Head, attended the council meeting Wednesday in Cebu City.

Gov. Chatto recounted at the RPOC-7 sala the chronology of events that led to the capture of so-called ASG accomplices, Col. Nobleza and bomb expert Dongon, and the downfall of some ASG members in the hands of the joint PNP/AFP operatives; starting from the intelligence reports given by the PNP and AFP to the Provincial Leadership as early as September 2016, much earlier than the travel advisories given by both the US and Australian embassies to their citizens citing “unsubstantiated yet credible information” of alleged armed groups aboard fast boats or “kumpit” entering Central Visayas with kidnapping threats. The governor clarified even further that the ASG was spotted right at the beginning of their entry to the province, crediting the Countrywide Development Program-Purok Power Movement (CDP-PPM) for such prompt and very useful reporting from the community. The CDP-PPM is the brainchild of Gov. Chatto, then a very young Mayor of Balilihan, who first put the strategy into practice in his very own hometown. The CDP-PPM is now being recognized even by the national government as a very effective and time-saving strategy in gathering reliable information right at the grass roots level which is the purok. This came about when during the first term of Gov. Chatto as Governor, CENTCOM in Lapu-Lapu in Cebu invited Gov. Chatto and SEEM Cluster Head Liza Quirog over to their camp to exhaustively explain to them and teach them the intricacies of the CDP-PPM of which they were very well impressed.


Gov. Chatto: “CDP-PPM is designed to empower and promote local governance.”

Gov. Chatto, at the RPOC-7 meeting, proudly talked about, and lauded our very own, TaRSIER 117, a mechanism, not only for saving lives, but also as a very swift and effective way of disseminating useful and reliable information. “In just about 3-10 minutes, the Provincial Government can issue advisories thru textblasts.” This way, all LGUs, especially its local chief executives, can receive first-hand info, thereby making the whole Boholano community promptly aware of situations on the ground.”

Imam: “They (ASG) are bad people. They’re not Muslims anymore.”


PNP and AFP admit: “We need ‘human intelligence’ to effectively defend the people.”

Meaning, they need prompt and reliable info from the community to effectively ward off bad elements.

DILG USec Austere A. Panadero pushes for the strengthening of the “barangay info network;” in this case, Gov. Chatto’s brainchild, the CDP-PPM. “Organizing is very important. Make sure it happens now because threats are here. I saw law enforcers willing to die in the frontlines, but they need the support of the community.”

Gov. Edgar M. Chatto on dead ASG members: “Death is an equalizer. Give respect to the dead.”



USEC Panadero on pushing for the strengthening of the ‘barangay info network;’ in this case, Gov. Chatto’s brainchild, the CDP-PPM: “The question is: “How many barangays in Region 7 have similar capacities like their Boholano counterparts?”

“Intel is as good as info that is passed on and is a very possible program to pursue. We should know what should be in place in every barangay; and this (CDP-PPM) might be a good program to push through.”

AFP: “Terrorism is the new normal and is a challenge we have to confront head on.”

Info from DTI-7 RD Aster Caberte re: ASEAN 2017 Senior Officials Meeting in Bohol: “The Brunei delegation informed us that ‘to say that it is excellent (referring to the service, accomodation, overall experience) is an understatement.”


DTI-7 RD Aster Caberte: “The Bohol hosting of ASEAN 2017 Senior Officials meetings has very positive feedback. And we would like to inform everyone that this coming July, Bohol would most likely be the venue for another set of meetings, this time, for Heads of State.”

RPOC-7 Chair Gov. Hilario Davide, Jr., on Bohol’s recent achievements: “HOORAY BOHOL!”

Gov. Edgar M. Chatto with Cebu media

Wow! Behold…BOHOL

AFP & PNP laud Gov. Chatto’s Purok Power Movement for its intelligence network that boosts Bohol’s internal security system.

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