Int’l Exec tongue-tied over Bohol leadership – “I’m very impressed!”

“I’m very impressed!”

These are the very words that Dr. Paul Munro-Faure, Chief of the Land Tenure and Management Unit, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN), uttered after learning how Bohol is doing these days.

“The very first thing that strikes us is the relatively close coordination among offices of the Provincial Government and the national agencies,” Dr. Munro-Faure admitted.

“Bohol’s leadership innovations,” said the UN Executive, “is quite awesome!”

Dr. Munro-Faure met with Gov. Edgar M. Chatto Friday together with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) personnel and PARO Antonio del Socorro of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR-7) to discuss the Second Land Administration and Management Project (LAMP2) proposal for additional financing.

This is in connection with the 10th World Bank Implementation Review Mission wherein the WB is looking for projects needing additional funding.

With Bohol now highly considered a laboratory for good practices after accorded several regional and national awards, the province is now also being considered as the selected province for LAMP2 Additional Financing Proposal because of the good turn-out of the program’s land titling and mapping activities.

Under the Additional Financing which would cover the period October 2012 to September 2015, Bohol would be the recipient of capacity building, technical interventions, and other activities to implement reforms in property valuation and taxation such as updating of Schedule of Market Values (SMVs) and development of tax policy options, among others.

Basically, it is a support partnership for mainstreaming for wider Local Government Unit (LGU) coverage which would include technical and capital support.

Initial findings in Bohol include efficient and effective coordination between local land offices; innovations in the field, that is, LGU-led systematic adjudication; high interest in formal registration of land by LGU executives supported by constituents; and, facilitative approach and institutional support.

The WB, DENR and the DAR have all concurred that Bohol’s LAMP projects are moving faster than those of other provinces in the country.

Earlier, Eduardo Inting, LAMP2 Deputy Project Manager, PENRO Bohol Rene Senapo, and DENR Regional Technical Director Diana Apistar, discussed with the governor the concept of the DENR Public Land Titling Program which necessitates the participation and involvement of LGUs.

Ambiguity on certain LAMP2 issues were promptly clarified by the local DENR team right before Gov. Chatto met with Dr. Munro-Faure’s team which gave the governor ample time to correlate all aspects of the project and its economic impact in Bohol.

The bottom line of said talks is the finalization of the institutional partnership between the Provincial Government and the DENR, which would be dealing more on the effective and efficient delivery of services to the Boholanos.

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  1. Bohol has a forward-thinking governor. This is just the beginning.

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