GUV pays tribute to TaRSIER heroine, promotes ‘joblove’ despite risks, dangers in workplace

IT HAS ALWAYS been the Provincial Government’s practice every month to appoint an office to host a convocation program.


The purpose is to promote and make known each office’s projects and achievements and to bring out hidden talents in the open; and also, to take a breath of fresh air and stir away for awhile from the humdrum of everyday tasks.


Last Monday’s program was no different.


But what made it more exciting and special was the presence and participation of someone who almost lost her life in the call of duty, if it were not for the constant encouragement and prayers of everyone around her, even Gov. Edgar M. Chatto.


The governor cited Telephone and Radio System Integrated Emergency Response (TaRSIER 117) employee Em-em Lim who figured in an accident and was in critical condition but has continued to work and danced at Monday’s program.


He said sacrifices and challenges come with work but these are not hindrances when one truly loves their job.


He admitted that he prayed hard to God Almighty for the latter to spare the young lady victim’s life and limb.


“I went to the scene and saw their vehicle, and I found it hard to believe that a life was not lost,” Gov. Chatto confessed.


The governor then asked TaRSIER 117’s very own “heroine” Em-em Lim to join him in front of the audience to properly give tribute to the young lady’s courage and brave spirit.


He recalled how everyone was so devastated then, especially Em-em’s family, when initially told by the attending doctors right after the accident that “in order for her to survive, they would have to sever her right arm.”


But then, everybody’s prayers were answered and Em-em got through her ordeal and even managed to keep life, limbs and spirit intact.


When Em-em joined the governor and the others, everyone was so touched and gave a thunderous applause for the former’s bravery, courage and determination to continue serving the Boholanos despite her heart-rending experience, which she passed with flying colors.


Gov. Chatto reminded everyone that “whatever job you take, as long as you love your job, no amount of harassment can stop you; no amount of harassment can put her (Em-em) down, not even the danger of death.”


He then encouraged all Capitol employees to emulate what Em-em had done “because all of us have harassments in life;” adding that “we have risks along the way, but if we love what we’re doing, we know that the service is the endpoint; if we know that people are happy because of what we’re doing, then every challenge is an opportunity to rise.”


He further buoyed everyone’s spirits, saying, “let us be one in bearing pains and celebrating victories.”


Monday’s convocation program was hosted by the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (PDDRMO) with TaRSIER 117 and the Bohol Environment Management Office (BEMO) led by Anthony R. Damalerio and Samuel Racho, who rendered their respective accomplishment reports.


Incidentally, just very recently, Racho has been asked by Gov. Chatto to assist and focus on environmental issues that the Provincial Government is facing and has appointed Jovencia “Tata” Ganub as BEMO Head.

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